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In addition to flexible online learning and globally-recognised certifications at eHotelier Academy, eHotelier facilitates face-to-face workshops in partnership with a range of international training consultants and industry bodies.

Need custom workshops for your staff? Contact us to discuss customised, brand-tailored workshops

  • Tailor face-to-face workshops to the specific needs of your brand, property and staff
  • Develop targeted workshops across departments and levels
  • Deliver holistic training programs: Align face-to-face learning with eHotelier’s extensive catalogue of online courses

Need custom security and crisis management workshops tailored to your brand and property?

Contact eHotelier Academy for customised, site-specific workshops for your property and staff.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Workshops

Sky Touch’s Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Workshops are tailored to hotel managers, architects, hotel developers and hotel security managers that are involved in the safekeeping of guests and staff.

Attendees of workshops receive complimentary access (value of 340 USD) to the eHotelier’s Academy’s four new hotel security online training modules.

Training Calendar 2020

Bali, 28.-29. April

Bangkok 25.-26. May

Mumbai 01.-02. June

Cairo 06.-07. July

Need to train your staff on all things revenue management with your property in mind? Contact eHotelier Academy for training solutions that combine flexible online learning and face-to-face workshops.

Revenue Management Workshops

No matter what position you hold in a hotel or accommodation business, you need to have an understanding of hotel revenue management.  Join to learn the basics and take home some tactics to help you improve ROI tomorrow!



Need to train your staff on all things digital marketing with your property and market in mind? Contact eHotelier Academy for custom training solutions and face-to-face workshops.

Digital Marketing

A bit of Hotel Digital Marketing, some Social Media learning as well as market segmentation and competitive analysis will add to your plan to take back to your hotel!  Improve your skills, feel more confident when dealing with all things digital.