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4th Southeast Asia Hotel and Resort Expansion Summit

In recent years, the robust growth of wealth and tourism resources has been driving rapid development of hotel and resort market. More and more global luxury hotel brands have entered Southeast Asia. In the face of new economic wave of consumption upgrading, how should hotels provide personalized experience services to capture diverse needs of consumers? With the development of smart technology, how to build futuristic hotels with new technologies and how to enhance guest experience will become new opportunities for hotel development. In the future, the hotel and resort industry will keep upgrading in terms of operating mode, facilities renewal, and technology applications. Southeast Asian hotel and resort industry will be full of possibilities.

“4th Southeast Asia Hotel and Resort Expansion Summit” will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on September 5-6, 2019. At that time, the world’s leading hotel and resort groups, hotel investment and developers and a variety of leading solution providers will gather together to discuss the development status and trends of the Southeast Asian hotel and resort industry, share investment opportunities and operational experience, exchange Innovative applications of smart technology so as to find the best business partners.

Hot Topics

  • Analysis on the Development Trend of Southeast Asia’s Hotel and Resort Industry in 2019
  • Strategic View from International Hotel Leaders – Managing Change in a Dynamic Market Environment
  • Transformation and Innovation of Hotel Operations under the Internet Era
  • The Best Guest Experience Example of Hotels and Resorts
  • Discussion on the Future of Smart Hotel
  • Top Communication Technology Trends in Hospitality Industry
  • How Big Data and Analytics are Changing Hotels and Resort Industry
  • Sustainable Development of Hotels and Resorts in Southeast Asia: Green Hospitality Development
  • Integrating Innovative Technologies to Achieve a New Breakthrough of Facilities
  • How to Carry Forward the “Craftsmanship” of Hotelers
  • Future Resort Design Philosophy: Customized Space and Creative Practice
  • Next Generation of Resorts – Design with Integrated Experience
  • Establishing Profitable Resort Platforms
  • Eco-friendly Designs of Future Hotels and Resorts
  • Hotel Design Management and Cost Control Analysis
  • How AI Will Remodel Consumer Behavior, and to What Effect on the Hotel Development Strategy Paradigm
  • Customer Privacy and Data Security in the Hospitality Industry
September 05 2019


Start: 5-9-2019
End: 6-9-2019
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